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5 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Brides

Did you know that 92% of brides wish they could’ve changed at least three things about their wedding day?

That’s because for most people, planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and until you go through it, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Wedding Planning Tips From Real Brides

Here are five golden tips from real brides so you can reduce stress and save time while planning your wedding! wedding planning tips from real brides

5 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Brides | Chicago Wedding Photographer

#1: Understand that People are RSVP Challenged.

Yes, that’s right. Even the people in your life that you most care about might have a hard time responding to your invite on time. Instead of relying on paper invitations and self-addressed cards and envelopes, save yourself hours of frustration and work by using websites such as ZOLA and The Knot to create your wedding website for free, so your guests can quickly and efficiently RSVP via an online platform. wedding planning tips from real brides

#2: Consolidate Your Wedding Correspondence.

Make one email address just for wedding stuff and share it with your partner, so when you are searching for invoices, payments, menus or even timelines, you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole of searching through months of emails across multiple accounts. Gmail is a free email platform with plenty of organization and search features — perfect for keeping all of your wedding-related emails safe and sorted.

5 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Brides | Chicago Wedding Photographer

#3: Add a “Cash” Option to your wedding registry.

Did you know that nowadays, instead of only creating a wedding registry, a lot of brides also opt to create a registry “cash fund”? This way people can contribute money towards your honeymoon or other important goals. Zola lets you register for a cash fund, and if you feel more advanced, you can even divide the cash fund into categories: honeymoon airfare, honeymoon dinners, etc. This way, you make it more exciting and personal for the guest, as they can choose which part of the honeymoon to sponsor. wedding planning tips from real brides

#4: Check your postage costs before printing all of those invitations.

If you have more than ten guests, and you’re considering some very elaborate paper wedding invitations, have the sample weighed at the post office to make sure sending all of the invitations will fit your budget. Be sure to do this before you order a large set of invitations!

wedding planning tips from real brides

#5: Delegate Day-of Wedding Coordination

You don’t want to deal with the stress and worry of people texting you random questions on the day of the wedding. “What time is the ceremony?” “Where is the reception?” “I lost my escort card and don’t know where to sit…” The list goes on.

Share your wedding planner’s contact information with your guests in case they have any questions. Let them know that you want to enjoy the day, you are not going to be looking at your phone. If you have an on-site coordinator, let your guests know ahead of time that they’re the best person to approach with logistical questions on the day of the celebration, as you’ll be focusing your time and energy on your new spouse.

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