COVID-19 Engagement Session Tips: How to Create Beautiful Engagement Session Photos While Social Distancing

Trying to plan your engagement session, but worried about doing so during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Follow along for five tips for capturing beautiful engagement sessions images while staying healthy and safe.

Thanks to COVID-19, everyone is re-writing their 2020 engagement and wedding day plans. If you’re newly engaged, I’m guessing you’re more than a little excited to create some special images to celebrate your milestone together or so you can make your save-the-dates. But how can you have a couple’s successful portrait session while obeying current restrictions and social distancing guidelines? Follow along for my top 5 COVID-19 engagement session tips.

5 Covid-19 Engagement Session Tips

covid-19 engagement session tips

Embrace the “social distancing” theme

Instead of hiding from the topic of coronavirus and all the ways it’s changed our lives, embrace the social distancing theme at your engagement session. Bring your cutest masks for some playful shots of the two of you standing at least six feet apart; if you’re feeling adventurous, blow your special someone a kiss, which they will refuse — for health reasons, of course!

Choose locations carefully

The biggest thing you can do protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19 is to choose photo spots carefully. Avoid popular tourist locations in the heart of the city, as overcrowding can increase the spread of the virus. Ask your photographer about good outdoor locations off the beaten path — he or she might know about a few hidden gems! Just because a location isn’t trending on Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t create beautiful images there.

covid-19 engagement session tips

Shoot on a weekday

Try to avoid setting your session date for a weekend, as Saturdays and Sundays are the most likely times for parks and popular urban areas to be crowded. By moving your session to a weekday, you can help promote social distancing and create some beautiful engagement images without having to compete with crowds.

Follow local rules and guidance

Before heading out for your session, partner with your photographer to check your local municipality’s latest COVID-19 guidance as well as the CDC. As social distancing and stay-at-home measures are gradually eased, it’s important to know exactly what the regulations will be when you’re out shooting. And, as the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, consider planning a backup shoot date in case new government guidance prevents you from going out on your original date.

covid-19 engagement session tips

Opt inside

Embrace the stay-at-home theme of 2020, and book an in-home engagement session instead! Use this time to showcase you and your spouse doing the things you love in your natural habitat — your home. Most homes and apartments are large enough to allow your photographer to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines while conducting your session. Consider cooking together, snuggling on the couch, or playing with your fur babies as part of your session!

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