Tiffany & Trent’s Wintry Engagement Session Rotary Botanical Gardens Janesville WI

How they met

Tiffany and Trent have been friends for years — they first met in high school, but they didn’t start their official dating relationship until 2018, when Trent asked Tiffany out to dinner to catch up. Tiffany was sure it was “just a friend thing,” but Trent knew the evening was meant to be something more when Tiffany walked out the front door of her house to meet him with her hair perfectly curled and dressed to impress.

In fact — Trent can still remember exactly what they were both wearing the on the night that became their first date! (They even incorporated their outfits from their first date into their engagement session!)

Tiffany and Trent have been together almost three years, and when we met over Zoom to plan their engagement session, Tiffany shared with me how much they’re looking forward to celebrating their anniversary together this coming March!

How they fell in love

Neither Tiffany or Trent can pinpoint the exact moment they fell in love, but they agree on one thing — it was definitely meant to be! Tiffany says, “Magic, honestly!”

The proposal

Long before we planned Tiffany and Trent’s engagement session Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, WI, Trent made the perfect plan to ask Tiffany to be his wife forever.

Trent invited Tiffany’s daughter to be a part of the proposal when they planned a family trip to see the annual Christmas light display. Trent showed her the ring and asked if she would be willing to ask Tiffany if Trent could be her daddy!

And so, with the help of Tiffany’s daughter, Trent got down on one knee, gave Tiffany the ring, and asked that oh-so-important question. Tiffany, of course, said yes!

The Engagement Session Rotary Botanical Gardens Janesville WI

The Rotary Botanical Gardens of Janesville, WI are an award-winning 20+ acre non-profit institution designed to showcase over 26 different garden styles and more than 4,000 varieties of plants. When Tiffany and Trent told me that he had proposed their just a couple of months earlier, it only made sense for us to begin planning their engagement session Rotary Botanical Gardens to incorporate the couple’s personal story into the session.

We enjoyed exploring snowy paths together on a bright and chilly Thursday afternoon, and despite the temperature, Tiffany and Trent glowed with the warmth of their love for each other.

Q&A with the Couple

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

Tiffany is so excited just to be marrying someone who genuinely wants to be with her and her daughter. She’s also really looking forward to a special wedding day wardrobe change as well!

What do you love most about him?

I honestly cant pick. There’s so much. I can say I’m really glad he sticks through my meltdowns. I get a sense of safety and comfort. I get a butterflies in my stomach randomly. I love his eyes, his hugs/when he holds me, I love his personality and also the bond i see between him and my daughter.

What do you love most about her?

Trent loves everything about Tiffany! When asked, he said, “There’s just too much to choose.”

Tiffany and Trent are planning their wedding for the wedding gardens at the Rotary Botanical Gardens, the same site as their engagement session Rotary Botanical Gardens!

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