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Should you hire a second wedding photographer?

Whenever I sit down with a couple for a wedding day discovery meeting, the question is bound to come up: “Do we need a second photographer for our wedding?” Deciding if you should hire a second wedding photographer is a very important decision to make.

Many couples list wedding day photography as one of their biggest regrets; considering why you may need a second photographer could elevate your wedding day and help you avoid a letdown later on. should you hire a second wedding photographer

But first off, what is a second wedding photographer? Sometimes referred to as second shooters within the industry, a second photographer is much, much more than just another camera on location at your wedding ceremony or reception. I rely on my second wedding photographer to carefully document different angles, work in different locations, and help me manage various logistical aspects of the wedding day.

I am so lucky to have a dedicated associate photographer on my team. Whenever one of my couples books a two-photographer wedding package, they’re investing in a team of two professional photographers to seamlessly and beautifully document their wedding celebration. You can get to know my associate photographer, Stacy, by heading on over to our team page. should you hire a second wedding photographer

Should you hire a second wedding photographer?

Let’s explore some of the top reasons why you may need a second photographer at your wedding: should you hire a second wedding photographer

#1: Different Angles

A wedding is a big event, and I can only focus on so many things at once. Having a second professional photographer on location enables us to document multiple angles of your celebration. For instance, while I’m focused on capturing your groom’s reaction as you’re walking down the aisle, the second photographer could be shooting an amazing wide shot of your train and cathedral length veil from the back of the aisle. Later in the day, one of us could take you and your special someone out for some sunset portraits while the other stays in the reception space to gather group shots and candids.

#2: Different Locations

If you and your groom are getting ready in different locations, a second photographer can be a huge benefit. In instances when your getting ready locations are not in the building or hotel, a second photographer might be in order.

#3: Maximizing the Timeline

This one ties in closely with #2. If you have a wedding timeline with multiple events and locations, investing in a second photographer can help speed things along. Not only can your two-photographer team capture events in separate locations, an added professional can also help organize and coordinate logistics during some of the most important moments of your day: family formal portraits and your bridal party photos.

#4: More Candids

Two lenses frees us up to capture more of those beautiful in-between moments that are always filled with pure, natural emotion. This is especially important if you have a larger guest list. We want to document as many joyous smiles and happy tears as we can! should you hire a second wedding photographer

#5: A Built-In Backup Plan

In case the worst happens, and your primary photographer is sick or injured on your wedding day, a second photographer serves as a built-in backup plan for your day. Investing in a second photographer allows you the added peace of mind knowing that you’re guaranteed a professional ally no matter what. (And in case you’re wondering, we’ve never missed a wedding due to injury or sickness, and we’re fully insured just in case something ever did happen…)

#6: Better Portraits

There are just some portraits I can’t make happen as a solo photographer. Have you been dreaming of those beautiful veil shots from Pinterest? I need a second set of hands to help hold or move your veil, adjust your dress, or maneuver lighting equipment.

#7: A Second Set of Eyes

Having a second wedding photographer on hand helps us elevate your images in another way, too. She’ll be able to help me check for crooked ties, wrinkles in your veil and more. should you hire a second wedding photographer

#8: More Images

But above all, this is my number one reason why you may need a second photographer at your wedding. Diversity! Investing in a second photographer will allow us to create a more diverse and beautiful final gallery. The second photographer’s added viewpoint empowers me to select the very best of the best images from multiple cameras and fill your final gallery with even more beautiful moments — many of which you might have missed on the wedding day itself.

I’m often asked if you can tell the difference between images shot by the primary and secondary photographers, and I’m pleased to say no, you can’t. I’ve worked very closely with my primary associate photographer, Stacy, to ensure that we make wedding photographs in a similar style and fashion. We even use identical camera gear. That way, your gallery tells a seamless, beautiful story from beginning to end.

Are you ready to invest in a second professional wedding photographer? Learn how the Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photographer team at Joshua Harrison Photography can elevate your wedding celebration by getting in touch today. should you hire a second wedding photographer