10 Tips to Reduce Stress While Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful at times, but the the overall process should be fun, not painful. So, if you’re feeling the pressure as your wedding date draws closer, check out these 10 tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding. tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding

#1: Take Breaks

If you’re not careful, you mind find that wedding planning consumes you. You’re thinking about it almost every waking moment. Don’t let the process of planning one day of your life take over your life! Try limiting wedding planning to specific times during the week, or just a few hours on the weekend, and take breaks as you need them. Remember: a break means no talking or thinking about the wedding!

#2: Talk it Out

Sometimes the best stress reliever is a good conversation. Connect with a family member or friend to talk through things if you’re feeling stressed about wedding planning. Locking stress and anxiety up inside usually makes the problem worse, not better. Your friends and family are here to support you through this season of life, so be sure to give them the chance to do so by starting the conversation.

tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding

#3: Learn a New Skill

Take a class to learn a new skill! Focusing on something completely new to you like a cooking, calligraphy, painting, pottery, dance, or yoga will take your mid off the wedding at hand.

#4: Exercise

Exercise has a number of benefits, and one of those is stress relief! Make a point to exercise regularly, doing an activity you enjoy. Some ideas: walking, swimming, biking, running, CrossFit…the list goes on. Bonus points if you have a workout buddy to keep you company — perhaps your fiance or a friend would like to join you for a weekly run! tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding

#5: Stay Organized

Chaos leads to stress! Use checklists and online budget tools to manage your wedding expenses, stay on top of planning, and manage your guest list.

tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding

#6: Get Out of Town

Sometimes the best medicine is a quick getaway. Plan a weekend out of town with your fiance! You could stay with friends in the next town over, a nearby inn, or plan a full vacation to a dreamy, relaxing destination. No matter where you go, use the time to reconnect with your spouse and take a break from the wedding planning process. This is especially important if your wedding is more than a year away!

#7: Delegate

If you have friends or family members you want to support your wedding planning process, by all means, let them! Let trusted friends and loved ones take some of the load off your shoulders by addressing and sealing invitations, preparing escort cards, or filling welcome bags.

#8: Choose the Right Vendor Team

This is so important! When you’re building your wedding day vendor team, choose people you genuinely like and trust, who will have a vested interest in making your dream day a reality. That way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the celebration instead of worrying if your vendors are doing what they’re supposed to do. tips to reduce stress while planning a wedding

#9: Hire a Planner

Even if you have a lot of your wedding plans dialed in, it’s not a bad idea to consider adding a professional planner or day-of coordinator to your vendor team. Planners can help you organize your wedding timeline and take on numerous tasks that could otherwise add stress to your plate. And, a planner will be on hand to help keep your event running smoothly when it comes time for the big day!

#10: Remember the “Why”

When you feel like the stress of planning is about to overwhelm you, take a moment to step back and remember why you’re planning this celebration to begin with: You found a person you want to love and grow old with! Refocusing on that bigger picture will help smooth over any bumps in the road you might encounter between now and when you say, “I do!”

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