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Vendor Spotlight: Lashes by Viki | Wedding Eyelash Extensions

I first learned about eyelash extensions when I was shooting Rylee and Tom’s Chicago Riverwalk engagement session earlier this summer. Rylee mentioned that she had just had her eyelashes done, and shared about her experience at Lashes by Viki, noting that she loved her lashes so much, she didn’t feel like she needed to wear any other makeup to the session!

After I finished editing Rylee and Tom’s engagement images, I sat down with Viki over Zoom to learn more about her business providing wedding eyelash extensions and what makes her process unique. I’m so pleased to share some of her story as well as her top wedding day makeup tips in today’s vendor feature post!

Please introduce yourself and Lashes by Viki

My name is Viki, and I am the owner-operator of Lashes by Viki! I’m the only person who performs all of the eyelash services for my clients, but I would love to grow the business one day. As of October 2020, I’ve been doing eyelashes for six years. I’m one of the newer eyelash businesses in the game, though, as eyelash extensions were originally popularized in Los Angeles and they’re just beginning to gain traction here in the Chicago area.

At Lashes by Viki, I specialize in providing individualized, one-on-one experiences for each of my clients. I’m not a large in-and-out salon that focuses on volume. I really believe in getting to know women and their story and empowering them, no matter why they’re getting lashes. Some of my clients come for lash services for a special event, while others have been seeing me for five years straight because they love their “everyday” eyelash extensions. It’s really up to you!

What sort of lash services do you provide?

When Rylee told me about her wedding eyelash extensions, I was curious to learn what all the options were…naturally, Viki obliged:

My biggest focus is the safety of our natural lashes. You can damage them if you’re not careful, and I want all of my clients to have beautiful long lashes. In order to do that, you have to start with healthy lashes.

There are three main types of eyelash extensions:

  1. Classic – We add 1 extension per each natural lash.
  2. Hybrid – This is mix. We add 1 or 3 extensions per each natural lash
  3. Volume and Mega Volume Lashes – I don’t offer these services because they put too much weight on your natural eyelashes. Volume and Mega Volume services add as many as 6 or 8 extensions per natural lash, and every individual lash is not strong enough to hold that much weight.

By the way, Rylee has Classic wedding eyelash extensions, which are very naturally beautiful. A hybrid service just adds a little more volume.

How did you start Lashes by Viki, and what makes your business unique?

I started out working in another salon and had the opportunity to train in eyelashes as an additional client service. That made sense to me, as I was primarily focused on doing wedding makeup at the time. Weddings were my original draw, but now amazing eyelashes are something women can have every day.

I really wanted to provide a personal experience for my clients, and I started my own company after I had my daughter last March. I started out serving family friends from home and it took off so much faster than I expected! I price my services competitively so everyday working women can enjoy amazing lashes, too.

Now, I work out of a small studio in Crystal Lake and I look forward to adding to my team in the future!

What sorts of clients do you serve?

I serve clients who want beautiful lashes for everyday wear, as well as special events like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers.

What are your top tips for having great wedding day lashes?

I would definitely say get them done 2-3 weeks before your event. You have to have time to get used to the maintenance and how they feel. It’s a little extra weight your eyes aren’t used to. Make sure you have plenty of time to learn how to clean and brush them. That’s important because bacteria can grow in eyelashes, just like anywhere else!

Get a fill right before your engagement session or the big day so your wedding eyelash extensions look full and fresh. A fill is similar to a touchup at a nail salon — as long as you maintain your lash fills, you can keep your lashes looking great indefinitely. We’re basically just replacing the lashes that fall out over time after purchasing your first full set. You should plan to schedule a fill every 2-3 weeks, depending on your unique lash service.

What do you love most about Lashes by Viki?

As far as lashes and wedding eyelash extensions go, I love empowering women. That’s the biggest thing for me. In this day and age, the smallest thing can make a difference. Getting your eyelashes or eyebrows done can make you feel so much better about yourself. I feel so good hearing clients say, “I don’t put makeup on now that I have my lashes.” Women should not have to feel like they need to put on a full face of makeup just to go to the grocery store. Women are working moms, business owners, and it’s just not always ideal to spend an hour putting on makeup in the morning.

What’s the best way for someone to contact you, and where can we find you online?

Text or call me directly! I like to be personal and accessible. My clients are my little family!


(773) 663-9469

You can also find me on the web in these places:




And my studio is located at:

35 Burdent Drive Suite B Crystal Lake IL 60014

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