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5 Wedding Planner Types – What You Need to Know Right Now

When in comes to wedding planning, you’re presented with a host of choices and decisions to make: the dress, the venue, the cake, color combinations, caterers, invitation suites…the list goes on. For some, this list can be daunting and maybe even insurmountable. By hiring a wedding planner, you can alleviate some stress and gain a valuable partner in the process.

Wedding Planner Types

But what kind of planner do you need? In this post, we’ll explore the different types of wedding planners in the market today, and the key things you need to know about each before hiring one for your big day. wedding planner types

Full-Service Planner

Also known as full-time planners, a full-service planner is your one-stop resource for everything wedding planning. He or she will partner with you to plan your wedding from start to finish. A full-service planner will help you create a realistic budget, provide valuable vendor recommendations (and may even help you interview them, too!), assist with event design and venue tours. But that’s not all!

A full-time planner can also help you prepare your guest list, invitations, RSVPs, timelines, and seating arrangements. A full-service planner will equip you with a team of on-site assistants to organize and coordinate day-of details at your venue so you can focus on what’s most important: tying the knot and celebrating with your spouse! wedding planner types

Part-Time Planner

A part-time planner provides the resources and knowledge of a full-service planner, but only for the wedding elements you select. If you have most of your wedding planning process under control, a part-time planner could be beneficial if you need specific guidance for things like vendor recommendations, or logistics at your reception.

Partial planners are a budget-efficient way to get professional support for the most critical aspects of your wedding, but keep in mind — this service lacks a big-picture view of your entire wedding plan. wedding planner types

Destination Planner

Similar to a full-service planner, destination wedding planners help coordinate all aspects of your wedding vision, with one major difference: They specialize in weddings abroad. Are you planning your dream wedding with an over-the-top gathering at an opulent Italian villa? Or an intimate island celebration in the Caribbean?

Then a destination planner is a must — they’ll bring invaluable knowledge of cultural barriers, travel arrangements, itineraries, and language issues to your wedding celebration.

Coordinators and Event Managers

Even if you’ve got your wedding planning process dialed in to a “t”, you’ll definitely want to consider adding a coordinator or event manager to your wedding vendor list. As far out as 8 weeks before the wedding, a coordinator can step in to help you finalize last-minute logistics like tips, venue walk-throughs, band and DJ set-ups and more.

The last thing you want to be doing as you’re getting ready to say “I do” is to be thinking about who needs direction on your wedding day.


Wait, I already hired a wedding planner. What’s an event designer?

While wedding planners doing all of the heavy lifting as far as the logistics of your day, sometimes you might need another professional ally to help you set the stage for your celebration, and that’s where a professional event designer comes in. They’ll help you develop a cohesive and stylish, look and mood for your wedding; some event designers will even provide installation of your decor so everything looks just right! wedding planner types

As a Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photographer, I have worked with some of the best planners in the region, and I would love to recommend some of my favorites to support you on your wedding day.