Covid-19 Wedding Planning Tips

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made landfall in the US and it’s impacting all aspects of American life. In the wedding industry, overseas shipments of gowns and decor are already delayed. Some of your wedding vendors might be shifting to video consultations for your convenience and safety.

I wanted to make sure you have the tools to move forward with your wedding by sharing my top COVID-19 wedding planning tips. Whether your wedding date is just around the corner, or not until the fall, I’ve gathered a few tips for you so you can get ahead of the game without it affecting your big day.

My Top COVID-19 Wedding Planning Tips

What if my wedding day is affected by a restriction on size or location?

The news headlines will tell you that certain significant social gatherings have been banned or urged to postpone depending on location. For couples expecting guests from overseas, there’s a good chance they may be temporarily barred from entering the country. Some of my couples who didn’t have a wedding planner on their team have reached out for some names, so they have an industry expert helping them navigate uncertain times. I am happy to share my contacts with you as well; just send me a note!

covid-19 wedding planning tips

What happens if many of our guests are unable to make it?

Some of my couples have immuno-compromised or elderly guests; sadly, they may have to make the hard decision to stay home. Smaller weddings can be just as sweet, and with great photographs, you will have something to share with them from afar. Some venues are going above and beyond the call of duty by implementing technology to live stream weddings for those who can’t attend due to the virus. Be sure to ask your venue if they can provide this service.

What happens if one of my wedding vendors is ill or has been asked to quarantine?

I hope all of my couples with upcoming weddings have been communicating with their vendors. Many vendors have been proactive and sent out emails to their couples to go over contingency plans. If someone on your all-star team is a solo business owner, they should have a plan in place for dealing with unforeseen circumstances. (Feel free to ask me about my plan!)

covid-19 wedding planning tips

What if my wedding venue is closed?

It’s never too early to start the conversation with your wedding venue so you can be up to date with any significant changes they may choose to make. Many venues have been very accommodating, so don’t hesitate to open up communication channels with them. It’s a great idea to review the contract with your venue to clarify the cancellation clauses.

What if my wedding gown arrival is delayed?

A huge percentage of wedding gowns are made overseas, especially in China — even some of the designer gowns! Pick up the phone and call your bridal salon about options. Ask about floor samples. You might be able to get a deal on closeout or redesigned gowns, so try not to panic!

What if we’re sick and need to postpone our wedding?

Understanding the cancellation clauses in each of your vendors’ contracts is critical here. If you’re not sure, reach out to your vendors and ask them about their rescheduling policies.

Should we get insurance, and will it cover coronavirus?

I think wedding insurance is a great thing to have because it does cover a lot of things that could go wrong; however, most wedding insurers have stated that they will not cover coronavirus-related wedding issues.

covid-19 wedding planning tips

Now what?

There’s no doubt it’s imperative to get married. While your plans may have to change, your wedding day can still be perfect because you get to marry the love of your life. Coronavirus will not be here forever, but your love for each other can be. It’s a good idea to visit the Centers for Disease Control website for the latest guidance.

How can we stay calm in the storm?

I’m a big fan of finding balance, especially in uncertain times. Please let me know if I can assist in any way or provide more COVID-19 wedding planning tips! If you are engaged and looking for a Chicago Fine Art Wedding Photographer, please reach out to Joshua Harrison Photography.