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5 Wedding Album Reasons: Why you should consider investing in a timeless heirloom

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Wedding Album Reasons

Many couples ask me why they should consider investing in a wedding album, adding another expense to an already expensive day. But here’s something to consider: a high-quality wedding album is likely to last decades, while your wedding celebration is only one day. That’s why I believe it’s important to consider these 5 wedding album reasons when planning your wedding photography investment. wedding album reasons

#1: Your photos will stand the test of time

Remember HD DVDs? Yeah, they’re a fleeting memory for me, too. While technology is always (and rapidly) changing, it’s important to consider how your images will be preserved. As the world quickly moves towards a cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring your images stand the test of time is vital. USB drives can get lost, and computer ports can change. Cloud storage passwords can be forgotten.

With an heirloom wedding album in hand, your treasured photographs are preserved in archival quality. Every album we produce at Joshua Harrison Photography is hand made using the finest materials to ensure your images will not fade or yellow over time. That way, you can page through your wedding story and relive one of the happiest days of your life for years to come. wedding album reasons

#2: Proudly presenting your story

We live busy lives, and I find far too many of my friends getting married and promising themselves that they’ll “print pictures later,” but then they never do. Files are downloaded and buried on a computer hard drive to collect digital dust. By investing in an heirloom wedding album now, you’re promising yourself to proudly present your story. wedding album reasons

With full in-house design services, a seamless proofing process, and multiple linen and leather binding options, the most beautiful moments of your wedding day are laid out in beautiful spreads that you will be proud to share with friends and family. A fine art wedding album is as much a display piece as it is an heirloom! We encourage our clients to choose album covers and embossing options that they can’t wait to have as a centerpiece on a shelf or readily at hand on a coffee table.

#3: Sharing your legacy

About a year ago, my wife and I bought our first house, making the investment to put down roots and build a family legacy within a space that was just “ours.” As we were finalizing the purchase, we were very excited to learn that the home would include a suite of designer kitchen and laundry appliances from LG. These appliances translated to thousands of dollars within our overall housing investment, yet we will not pass these machines on to our daughter when we’re old.

We are, however, investing in photo albums so we can share the story of our wedding (and married life, too) with our daughter as she grows. Someday, we’ll be passing these heirlooms down to her, and we trust she’ll share them with the next generation, too. For less than the cost of a new refrigerator, you, too, can preserve some of life’s most important memories for generations to come.

#4: It’s a shared experience

We love Instagram. And all of those other digital platforms for socializing and sharing, but there is no substitute for sitting down together with a physical book in hand to relive your wedding day with your partner. Heirloom photographs are among the few keepsakes you can take home with you after the big day is over. Dance lights fade and flowers wilt. Your gown might be cleaned and boxed, and perhaps stored in a closet. Guests go home. Life moves on. wedding album reasons

An heirloom wedding album is a tangible reminder of the commitment you’ve made to each other. Turning pages together gives the two of you a chance to remember how you felt on the day you said “I do” as you look back on images of him seeing you for the first time at the altar, and the way your parents looked on with joy as you had your first dance as husband and wife. And you can share the experience of your wedding day with others, too — think of turning pages with kids and grandkids down the line!

#5: They make great keepsakes and gifts

A small army of family and friends helped Jasmine and I make our wedding day a success, and we are forever grateful for their efforts. If you’re like us and planning a wedding with the help of those closest to you, one of the best ways you can thank your parents and other family members for their time, effort, love and support, is with a handcrafted album all their own.

We are pleased to offer a variety of options for parent and gift-sized albums, which can be designed to match your main wedding album, or completely customized with different images and text to be truly tailored to the recipient. wedding album reasons