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Do you need a wedding planner? 10 Reasons Why You Might

Do you need a wedding planner? Many brides and grooms begin planning their dream wedding without considering the fact that investing in professional help could pay huge dividends in time, stress, and even money. Whether you and your fiance are way further behind in your wedding planning than you’d like to admit, or if you’re just curious about the wedding planning process, this top-10 list will help you determine if you should say “I do” to adding a wedding planner to your vendor team. If you answer “yes” most of these situations, then you might want to consider connecting with a professional planner.

do you need a wedding planner

Do you need a wedding planner? You might need a wedding planner if…

  1. You are behind on your wedding checklist and schedule.
  2. Your work commitments prevent you from meeting with vendors on weekdays.
  3. You don’t have help from a hands-on mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, or friends.
  4. You’re planning a destination wedding.
  5. There are personality conflicts between stakeholders — your parents, the two of you, and/or others.
  6. You can’t wait to be married, but staring down that wedding to-do list makes you sick.
  7. You are having a very short engagement.
  8. You have a vision for your big day, but you’re not sure how to make it happen, or, you don’t have a clear picture of your wedding day at all.
  9. You’re overwhelmed and wishing you were eloping instead.
  10. You want someone to give you personal advice, service, and leadership.

Benefits of having a planner on your vendor team

Wedding planners bring a host services to engaged couples, from championing the sometimes-dreaded wedding budget, to organizing timelines, and contacting other vendors (such as photographers, florists, and caterers, to name a few!). Depending on the type of wedding planner you hire, you can expect to receive personalized service putting together all of the pieces leading up to your wedding, as well as day-of service to keep you, your bridal party, and guests on task and on schedule throughout your celebration.

Some wedding planners will even assist you in planning and booking your honeymoon! Your wedding planning package may even include the cost of travel. Check out wedding planners local to your area (or your venue), ask for referrals, and connect with a planner whose service you can count on.

So, do you need a wedding planner? Or, are you engaged and looking for a Chicago Wedding Photographer?