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Vendor Feature: Maloch Media

Last month, I connected with Trevor, wedding filmmaker and owner of Maloch Media, and he’s quickly become my favorite Chicago Wedding Videographer. We sat down over Zoom to get to know each other last month, and I’m so excited to share his story as the latest installment in my vendor feature series!

Tell me your story!

I used to be a high school math teacher, and before that I was a college athlete. I was on the wrestling team, and I played around editing some of the video recordings of the team. When I became a teacher, the school had an after school news broadcast program, and I helped with that.

Later, we got into more of a feature film program. I helped students, produce, write, direct, and shoot films. My fiancee at the time told me I should get a summer job, andI laughed! Because the whole point of being a teacher was that I wanted my summers off. That didn’t go well, so I ended up filming a couple of weddings for friends, and that’s how Maloch Media was born. And of course, the business grew. I filmed five weddings the year after that, and then Maloch Media quickly escalated from there. I shot 22 weddings my third year!

When my first son was born, I took time off from work and concentrated on video, and really fell in love it, and now this is my full-time passion!

What sorts of clients do you serve?

My clients are very story driven. They really want that documentary film, and they’re really into family, so we focus on capturing those sorts of moments with the people they’re closest to — parents, grandparents and siblings. Moreover, my clients want me to make them look as good as possible!

Tell us more about the Maloch Media videography process.

I like be a fly on the wall as much as possible, capturing moments as they happen in real time. I don’t ask my couples do a whole bunch of acting. I want their moments to happen in a real, genuine fashion.

I encourage my couples to do something personal for each other. That might be personal vows, or they might write and read letters to each other. Sometimes we even sit down and have a little personal chat (a mini-interview, if you will) about how they met and how they fell in love with each other, or even a favorite story they share together.

More and more of my couples are excited about sharing the story of their relationship, and when we film those sorts of conversations with the wedding party present, they get to chime in and share as well, and I think that makes for some really great candid moments that go into the wedding film.

I love filming the portrait session! It’s always beautiful and I love sharing that eye candy in the film, but the most important part of every wedding film is the couples’ story and the moments they have throughout the day. For me, the portrait session really is the beautiful sprinkles we put on top of the already gorgeous cake.

Sharing one of my favorite wedding films by Trevor at Maloch Media!

What are your top tips for creating an amazing wedding film?

I want my couples to have audio to listen back to and relive their day. I want them to be able to hear themselves in the future. That’s why I think it’s so important to me to film and record things like personalized vows and letter readings.

If you want the very important people in your life (like parents, grandparents, best friends), make them involved in your day. For instance, if you love your grandma and grandpa, have them help you get ready, give them a gift, or have them be a part of the first look. If they only time I see them on your wedding day is when they walk down the aisle at the ceremony and when they sit down for the reception, I won’t be able to give you beautiful, emotional footage of the people closest to you.

Toasts and Roasts: Make sure your speakers are prepared. These are great moments to capture emotions from your guests, especially when speeches run smoothly.

What’s your favorite part of being a wedding videographer?

Oh man, I have mixed feelings. Here are two of my favorites:

I really love completing a wedding film. I enjoy the complexity of putting the film together and seeing how an interlaced story is pieced together into a beautiful wedding film.

I also love seeing those candid moments with family. Getting ready with mom and dad. That look of pride from grandma. I live for emotional moments like these!

Where can we find you online?

You can get to know me online at MalochMedia.com and view highlights from my favorite weddings on my Instagram.

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