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Katie & Jace Glowing Milwaukee Riverwalk Engagement Session | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

How they met

Katie and Jace met through some mutual friends; the pair first chatted over drinks at their favorite bar, Milwaukee Brat House. Little did Jace know, Katie had a prior commitment to help a friend move into a new house later that evening. When she told Jace she was leaving the Brat House, he thought that meant they were going to another bar together…and that’s how Jace ended up helping Katie and her friends empty a moving van at 1 am on a Saturday night! Once the van was empty, Jace asked Katie for her number, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

How they fell in love

Katie recalls that they fell in love through lots of laughter, texts, TV shows, pizza, and walking hundreds of miles together in their city and beyond. They’ve been together for four amazing years and are so looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together!

The Proposal

One summer day, Katie and Jace went out to walk their dog, Lily, on their favorite section of the Milwaukee Riverwalk. When they paused at a scenic overlook by the water, Jace suggested they take a family selfie, and after that selfie, Jace read from a beautiful love letter he’d written for Katie. Then, he got down on one knee and popped the question! Countless boaters and kayakers cheered them on from the river.

Later, Katie joked that “for the first time ever” they had champagne at home, so maybe they could open it to celebrate later. But Jace had other plans in mind! He stopped, opened his backpack, and pulled out that very bottle!

Milwaukee Riverwalk Engagement Session

When I asked Katie and Jace what a perfect engagement session might look like for them, Jace wasted no time emailing me back to tell me about how he’d proposed, insisting that we begin their Milwaukee Riverwalk engagement session at that same spot! (The first photo below was taken only a few feet from where Jace proposed to Katie earlier this summer!)

We were blessed with a sunny (if not a little windy day) for Katie and Jace’s Milwaukee Riverwalk engagement session! This couple radiated with love for each other as we explored the best of downtown, even stopping to pop another bottle of champagne to celebrate during their Milwaukee Riverwalk engagement session!

After enjoying some bubbly, we headed over to Milwaukee’s Lake Shore State Park, where Jace wowed both Katie and me with the deepest dip photo ever!

We were so blessed with a beautiful late fall day for Katie and Jace’s Milwaukee Riverwalk engagement session, and I can’t wait to serve this beautiful, fun, and kind couple again in 2021!

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Milwaukee Riverwalk Engagement Session
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Q&A with the Couple

Katie, what do you love most about him?

I love how he makes me laugh every day. He is my best friend and can always make me smile even when times are hard. I love how he balances out my type A personality and shows me how to relax and not to worry. I love how good he is with our dog and how funny he is with children. He is my favorite person.

Jace, what do you love most about her?

The things I love most about her are her sense of humor and her personal core values. She is such a sweet and caring person it was so easy to fall in love. Her beautiful looks and style were just icing on the cake.

What are your favorite things to do together as a couple?

We love to do activities with our dog — lots of walking and visits to the dog park. We love to travel together and locate the best food in every city. We play video games, do puzzles, and love to cook dinner together every night.

Describe your relationship in 5 words or less.

Love is all you need! (That’s a Beatles reference, by the way!)

Katie and Jace are planning an intimate lodge elopement for the summer of 2021.

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